AS3 Simulating cue points for Sound

pause() method is added, example .fla file is updated.

As far as I know there is no way for adding cue points in flash Sound, but using SoundChannel.position property we can check playhead current position and simulate cue points for Sound.
So I wrote simple utility Class for simulating cue points for Sound Class In AS3.

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Tile background in AS3

Because of for dual screen Capabilities.screenResolutionX returns only size of main screen, setSize method is added in class.
You should set width and height in setBitmap and loadBitmap methods as well.
source files are updated.

Here is the simple class file that allows to set tile background in flash.
Background can be set from both flash IDE library (linkage) and from external path.
Using Capabilities.screenResolutionX and Capabilities.screenResolutionY we can set width and height of background to match the screen size and don’t care for resizing. Continue reading

ToolTip In AS3

Here is the way I made Tooltip for my flash projects.
It’s class attached to library symbol, in order to change skin you have to just modify movieclip in library. Background contains guides for 9 slice scaling.
Example of accessing tooltip from external movie is uploaded with the source files.
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