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Robotlegs Flickr search gallery

Another example of using robotlegs to create simple flickr search widget/gallery.
Required library: robotlegs-framework-v1.4.0.swc
Flickr API used for service
Flash Builder 4 used to run and compile project.
added “FlickrSelectedImageMediator” for the “FlickrSectedImage” flex custom component.
Moved Component opening/closing logic inside FlickrSelectedImageMediator.

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Robotlegs Rss Reader

last 2 Weeks I was playing with Robotlegs (yeah, again), before using it for the specific project I decide to make couple of examples to fallow the “right” path and of course get input from community experts. The example we are building here gonna be simple rss reader: input field, load button, result.
Required library: robotlegs-framework-v1.4.0.swc
Flash Builder 4 used to run and compile project.
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jQuery simple image gallery

Another gallery/slideshow example with jQuery, this time we will load image after user selects one of the controls(next/prev).

We will wait until next image is loaded(main time show loading information) and  after make smooth fade in/out transition with our current and new image.
Unlike previous post, in this example we are not loading all images from the beginning, which makes this gallery perfect for using with large amount of images.
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jQuery simple image fade in/out slideshow

The fallowing example shows how to make slideshow of images with fade in/out nice smooth transition. jQuery makes everything easy.
Note that all images are defined at the start(they will load all together from the beginning) and while this will work for small amount of images it might be wrong solution for gallery of 10 images or more.
Example also uses corner jQuery plugin to round image corners.
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as3 Scaling Image Gallery

I remember ~5-6 years ago when I decide to make my first flash components using actionscript only, scaling image slideshow was one of them.
I got lots of feedback, comments and after that I start my freelance flash development carrier.
In fact, the slideshows, galleries are the flash elements that I’m using almost in all flash projects/websites, so I think it might be useful to share some code for scaling image gallery.
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AS3 Simulating cue points for Sound

pause() method is added, example .fla file is updated.

As far as I know there is no way for adding cue points in flash Sound, but using SoundChannel.position property we can check playhead current position and simulate cue points for Sound.
So I wrote simple utility Class for simulating cue points for Sound Class In AS3.

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