JSFL move exported symbols to timeline

Couple of days ago I wrote simple jsfl (my first) script to automate the process of moving library symbols with linkage id to main Timeline.
The reason: to show proper loading progress. Was doing it one by one for every project before: uncheck export in frame one, move to main timeline keyframe2.
Once all symbols are moved, using frame one for preloader and after jump to frame 3 for main movie.

After downloading and installing extension with adobe extension manager u will find the command inside flash IDE , under Commands -> Export to second Frame.
It will uncheck “Export in frame 1″ option for all exported symbols from library and will move to second frame in main timeline, under the layer named: ” Exported Symbols____________”.
It will work the same way after u add more exported symbols and run again, just don’t rename the layer so it can delete and create it again.

Download “Export in second Frame.mxp
Download “Extension Manager CS4 2.0

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