New toy: macBook pro

It have been like one month since I got my new toy … macBook pro 15 inch 2.8 GHZ laptop.
I just love it since first day of use, its fast, sexy and it works fine.
But not for flash development which is my primary job all time. The only software that I can’t work without is flashdevelop.

If you code on flashdevelop you will understand me, I’m not speaking here about all the features that come with that great AS editor, but most important one for me: code completion.
After research and testing I find that Flex builder will be my editor under the mac.
I’m not doing too much Flex development (well that’s might be changed) , for my as3 coding I need to just create flex library project and include source directory. Well, Ctrl+Enter will not run flash cs4, so I have to switch to flash, not sure if there is a solution for that.

The reason for buying mac: mostly because of wanna learn objective c, still hard to find time between job at the office and my freelance projects after work.
So here are the list of software that I find useful to have (suggested by friends mostly):
browser: Mozilla Firefox for sure
ftp client: CyberDuck
application launcher: quicksilver
chat: Adium
Tweeter client: TweetDeck is my favorite one on mac, pc and on iphone
uninstaller: AppDelete
file share: DropBox is just amazing tool to share files , get access from anywhere, using a lot
font management: LynoType FontExplorer
Rss reader: NetNewsWire is great on mac
player: VLC is best both on win and mac

Well, that’s all my list for now, will add more in future.

15 thoughts on “New toy: macBook pro

  1. Romu

    Hi, I passed on Mac the for some month ago. FDT is for me the tool to use, I have been a FD user and it is great but I prefer FDT, far better than Flex Builder, thanks FDT great real-time error checking.

    For FTP I use transmit as I could just not connect to some in-house FTP with the duck.

    I got almost everything I need on the Mac, my main problem is SVN. I badly miss the PC tortoise even if I get the Mac version, it is far behind. I use synchroSVN beside it. But everything is slower and harder. I also discovered that the finder is not able to merge folders… Only replace. When you have some stuff to between folders and snv folder… Just a nightmare. Didn’t find a solution i’m happy with until now. Crazy for such a basic action.

    Anyway, mac’s working well, not as quick and reactive than windows IMO. But I probably get back that time as I don’t reboot, don’t google to solve weird vista bug and do spend time with spyware doctor :)

    Mac’s not far with some tweaks to make windows users happy. I even made working the home and end button like on the PC.


  2. JulesLt

    Have you tried TextMate as a code editor yet?

    I don’t know how it compares to flashdevelop, but it’s a great editor with wide auto-complete support, and the ability to easily extend and hook into the Unix runtime.

    It’s one of those tools which takes a while to explore it’s full power (like vi, but you can just use it as a GUI editor).

  3. Romuald Quantin

    Yes TextMate is a great editor, however I can’t imagine working without the real-time error checking of FDT.

    Does anyone have some solution for the merge folders? I tried FTP my own computer but didn’t make it working yet and all the small app I tried wasn’t just working. I’m on Leopard.


  4. admin Post author

    Thx for the comments,
    @Romu I try FDT, it’s good but it will never replace flashdevelop for me, and I’m not going to pay that amount of money … CA$ 996.26 ??? are you kidding me?

    @JulesLt I try it… takes long to install with as3 support (still have SVN installation problem), I guess I come with something wrong, because couldn’t see features that i would like to see.
    Will try to do it again after while, need to find a guide to do it to get all features for as3 development.
    As I wrote in my post, code completion is most important thing for me.

  5. Romuald Quantin

    Yes FDT is not free. Everyone is using FDT at work so I get a licence. And it is probably good to know that they support open source project by giving free licence if you have one.

    I tried quick silver, it is really great, I was looking for a launcher like that.

    I was using Adium, but I prefer now Nimbuzz:

    I use PathFinder to replace the limited Finder:

    If you really want to stick on FD, you have different solution to run on the mac:

    1. using parallels if you have a lot of memory

    2. using Wine that runs windows app on unix system such as osx:

    3. using the commercial version of Wine, CrossOver Mac

    Never tried Wine but I think it is reliable, even google has chosen Wine to run the Mac of their browser:


  6. Romuald Quantin

    ah and I forgot to say, if you are a developer from windows like me and that you hate not being able to use home and end key like on windows (or other os), here is what will save you:

    I was using MouseImpPro on windows to scroll anything by holding the right mouse button (I love that app, especially on a laptop), they even implemented that in Firefox a while ago, I’m looking for one for Mac if you know something.


  7. admin Post author

    @cddin Y, I got that too :):)
    I find a way to run ANT from flex builder which will run Flash IDE,
    its fine for now(tested on win only yet, at the office, but should be fine on mac).
    I hope for flashbuilder(flex 4) adobe will add that feature, so u can compile to flash while coding in flex…

  8. cddin

    cool, I use eclipse and FDT pro, already built-in support for Ant, but want to try use ANT in flex3 also.. :)

  9. art reproductions

    For me one of the most important things aside from spec when buying a new laptop is the keyboard. I made the mistake once and while it was a good laptop I hated using it due to a bad keyboard.

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